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(Advanced Board Technology)

GRAVITY 23.png

As the game of Cornhole evolves, so must the equipment. Game play is becoming more and more technical.  Today's players expect high level of performance from the bags they throw to the boards they play on.  This is where the new GRAVITY™ advanced board technology comes in.  

Frame: Engineered for strength, stability, and reduced sound during game play.

Lengthwise bracing adds support throughout the “target zone”

Gravity™ plate/webbing adds frame strength, weight in the key area of the board, and acts as a sound buffer.  It is also a convenient handle for carrying and stacking boards


Legs: Triple wide legs with extra wide cross member for added strength and effectiveness for trapping airmail shots.


Gravity by Swanholio.png

Material: 3/4"  Baltic Birch hardwood plywood decking with 1 in x 3 in select wood framing


Weight: approximately 35 lbs per board (70 lbs per set)


Finish: All edges routered to specification. Awesome graphics with multi-layer clear poly protective coating

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